Potty Training Tip: Cute Undies Keep 'Em Dry

car underwearKeeping your kids in training pants has one major disadvantage Mom and Dad: They're still not "feeling" the accidents.

Sure it will keep your couch dry, but many parents find they're throwing good money after bad.

Want a real incentive to make them run to the potty when it's time to go?


Cute undies will help. 

Not only does it get uncomfortable sitting in wet underwear, but who wants to ruin their favorite pair with some pee?

Here are a few favorites that might do the trick:

1. Name Band Underwear from Simply Colors ($9.95). Let them become their own brand with their name proudly printed around the band of these soft cotton hipsters (for girls) or boxers (for boys). The company sent a pair to The Stir, so we can attest the 5 percent elasthan in the fabric makes for easy movement for kids and the styles are kid-appropriate. No more writing their name in their daycare pile of clothes.

hipster underwear2. Cars and Kitty Matching Sets from Smafolk ($52). They're a major splurge, but these matching sets designed in Denmark coined the term "cat's pajamas" -- fun and funny, your kids won't want to take them off. Get the cars with a pair of boxers, the kitties with a pair of briefs.

3. Small Paul Julius Underwear ($16 for a 3-pack). Julius the monkey's smiling face makes it hard to hurt him with a mess in the pants. Sized all the way down to 2T for the youngest boys trying to tinkle.

4. Hipster Unders in Organic Cotton from Hanna Andersson ($20 for a 3-pack). Just like mom's, these bikinis offer ample coverage but they're soft on that sensitive skin.


Images via Ittikid; Hanna Andersson

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