4 DVDs That Keep American Sign Language Alive for Tots

good night moonThe baby sign movement has turned thousands of kids on to American Sign Language, but once kids start talking, ASL is often thrown out the window.

Want to give your kids an advantage over their peers? Don't drop the habit.

Continual exposure to American Sign Language will keep the knowledge fresh in their minds -- and open them up to communicating with the 2 million folks who use ASL on a daily basis.

These DVDs can keep the passion alive:


1. Goodnight Moon ... And More Great Bedtime Stories (A Sign Language DVD). A new DVD from the Scholastic Treasures, the classic story comes to life with narration in ASL. Because signing isn't the point of the DVDs -- the story is -- it helps keep the interest alive without ramming it down their throats.

A Pocket for Corduroy2. A Pocket for Corduroy DVD (A Sign Language DVD). Second in the new Storybook Treasures series from Scholastic, the original animation is set to music plus voice and sign narration.

abcs with elmo3. Preschool Is Cool! ABCs With Elmo DVD. From the folks who pioneered bringing ASL to the mainstream with Linda, the deaf character back in the late '70s, this DVD has a fun animated sign language alphabet that's slipped into this preschool flick for kids.

we sign patriotic songs4. We Sign song DVDs. Whether it's patriotic songs, Christmas carols, or the ABCs, kids love to sing (and dance), and here's a little reminder that everyone does it in their own way.


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