5 Toys That Will Cure the Bath Time Battles for Under $15

green toys tugboatBath time is an almost everyday occurrence in most American houses, but I confess I was surprised to read how many moms think "all babies love bath time."

All is a major overstatement, especially when kids reach the latter toddler years and start asserting their independence.

The cure for the bath time battle that can make a major difference? Turn it from a chore to play time with one of these five toys for the toddler set:


1. Green Toys Tugboat ($12.99). It's the superhero of the boating world, and it's free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, and external coatings, so it's pretty heroic in Mom's eyes too.

My little pony bath2. My Little Pony So Soft Ragdolls ($15). They love pony play outside the tub, so don't make them stop the fun -- take it into the water. These ponies come with their own bath toys too, making it a two-in-one toy.

zoo mitts3. Skip Hop Zoo Mitts ($10). My daughter's tolerance for being washed increased tenfold when I threw out the plain old washcloths with the bathwater and went for fun puppet-like animals. Be sure you make the appropriate animal noise while you're at it.

Hoppop Triplo4. Hoppop Triplo Bath Toys ($9). These could be classified as a baby bath toy, but they translate well to the toddler years when kids delight in trying to figure things out: chiefly -- how much water can be poured from one cup to the other with a drop in the tub. Bonus points: These are one of the easiest bath toys to actually clean!

kid o ducks5. Kid O Floating Ducks ($11.75). Step beyond the rubber duckie with these hard plastic ducks that are made for stacking (think testing kids' dexterity) -- and don't develop the inside mold.


Images via Green Toys; Amazon; Skip Hop; Amazon; Amazon

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