I Dress My Kid Like Katherine Heigl, And You Can Too

Katherine Heigl's daughter Naleigh HeiglKatherine Heigl is one of the sexiest moms alive (don't believe us? The Stir says so), but I just found a reason to like her more.

I was set to write a post about how I saw you can get Keds for kids and I kvelled (and went on an alliteration spree, apparently).

Then I saw the former Grey's Anatomy star is a fan too -- she dressed little Naleigh in the exact pair my daughter is rocking these days (albeit a slightly smaller size).


I might as well hang a big signboard on my back that says "easy mark for nostalgia."

Created in 1916, you can get ones for your kids that look pretty much the same as they did way back in the day -- basic canvas top and white rubber sole.

And my daughter -- who has absolutely no idea who either Katherine Heigl or Naleigh are -- loves her Classic Champions that look a lot like this famous tot's.

I'll admit it, my daughter loves red, and finding red sneaks for girls is tough at times -- so the solid color Keds ($25) are perfect for us. 

They're also flexible for running around but sturdy enough to stand up to the rough and tumble summer.

Did you wear Keds when you were a kid?


Image via Keds

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