Questions Make Me Crazy, But My Kid Creative

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My toddler bombards me with questions all day long. And according to a recent Newsweek article, I'm not alone. On average, preschool children ask their parents about 100 questions a day -- and that's a very good thing.


Curiosity promotes learning of course, but it's also related to creativity, a highly desired skill. In an IBM poll, 1,500 CEOs deemed creativity the number-one “leadership competency” of the future. Companies are looking for problem solvers.

Yet, at the same time, creativity scores in the U.S. are declining. It's no surprise that the usual culprits are, in part, to blame: TV-viewing and video-game-playing. Kids simply aren't engaging in as many creative activities as they should be.

Sadly, by middle school kids have stopped asking questions (this is around the same time that student motivation and engagement plummet, according to researchers). The really sad part: Kids don't stop asking questions because they lost interest. They lost interest because they stopped asking questions.

So next time my daughter asks me why, why, why, I'll give her my full attention (and pull my hair out in private).

For more on the research about kids' development, read The Creativity Crisis.

Does your child ask you more questions than you can handle?

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