Old School Sesame Street and 3 More DVDs To Balance Their TV Time

sesame street 20 year anniversary Into every child's life, a little TV must fall.

Sure, you can be one of those parents who is "above" such piddling amusement, but I grew up in one of those houses.

It will only work for so long. Trust me. I spent my first six months out of the house glued to a TV at 2 a.m. because there was just so much out there I had to catch up on.

And so here's the dilemma for the rest of us who have faced that fact: how do you balance the TV time when there's a heat wave and your kids are stuck inside to protect them from sunstroke?

Would it surprise you if I suggested DVDs?


It sounds counter intuitive, but I'm fast learning that the DVD versions of toddler's favorite TV shows are a brilliant way to keep yourself from losing control of the remote.

They're not only commercial free but limited to one set time period so your kids don't catch you off guard at the half hour and hour mark with a "but Suzy Pants Circle Joe just came on, I want to watch that too!"

So to get you started, a look at some of the hot DVDs for tots on the shelves this week and next:

Sesame Street: 20 Years . . . and Still Counting. Warning: you may feel old watching this, so bring the tissues. A special orginally broadcast in 1989, I actually remember watching this the first time around with my then 2-year-old brother on our grandmother's TV (see, told you they sneak some). Hosted by Bill Cosby, it was a walk down memory lane even then of some of the best moments from the first 20 years of the show . . . including my all-time favorite: John John counting!

Super Why: Attack of the Eraser. The team of superhero readers are popular with parents and toddlers alike for proving the library is the coolest place to be, but this episode took kids into a whole new world of books: comics. Wolfy erases the score from Whyatt's kickball game, and the Super Readers fly into a comic book world to stop The Eraser from rubbing out all the words in Reader Valley. Talk about something worth saving.martha speaks

Caillou's Fun Outside. This baldy has never been one of my favorites, but with 14 episodes completely focused on the outdoors, this is certainly one of those films that discourages a day of moping in front of the TV.

Martha Speaks: Martha Goes to School. I admit it: I'm a sucker for talking animals. Not to mention I love dogs. But Martha Speaks has been a favorite as much because I'm a wordsmith, and this cunning canine has a way with words. Her trip to substitute teach at the Wagstaff schools is a good example of how PBS has maintained the silly quotient in an seriously important show.

Do you buy DVDs of your kids' favorite shows?



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