Tori Spelling Toddler Tweets, Gwen Stefani Does Disney: Links I Love

Tori Spelling and FamilyIt's full-on summer, and that means long and sometimes frustrating days when trying to entertain toddlers. Sometimes, it's not just the temperature that gets hot. Here are some links I love about screaming and a little California dreaming.


Feel bad for merely raising your voice at your children? This mom says to go ahead and scream at them. -- Babble

There's nothing like reading to fill the long lazy days of summer. Here's a great list of picture books perfect for toddlers. -- parentdish

If you head to Disneyland keep your eyes open for your favorite stars too. Celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Selma Hayek have been doing Disney with their families lately. - lilsugar

Tori Spelling steps out for a playdate with her tots and has taken to Twitter to record all the cute things her 3-year-old son Liam says (@liamsworld). -- CelebrityBabyScoop

How is your summer so far?


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