If 'Toy Story 3' Had Toes, Mr. Potato Head Should Kiss Them

mr. potato head toy story 3There's one toy out there who should be kissing the toes of the Toy Story 3 creators.

Hopefully his wife will be too busy looking for her eye to see it happen.

Mr. Potato Head was a big toy when I was a kid. I even had the real thing at my grandmother's house -- the eyes, nose, and ears that we had to shove into a real spud procured from her potato drawer.

And I was still a kid when C. Everett Koop was surgeon general and he called for Mr. Potato Head to surrender his pipe to become the "Spokespud" for the annual Great American Smokeout.

It was the beginning of the end for bad behavior in kiddie characters -- some might say the precursor to Cookie Monster's veggie kick.


But the last time the Potato Heads enjoyed real prominence was in 1996, when he and Mrs. Potato Head joined up with the League of Women’s Voters for the "Get Out the Vote" campaign.

At least until Toy Story 3.

Mr. and Mrs. both played heroic parts in the film (no need for spoiler alerts, although if you haven't seen this one yet, get off your computer ... now), and they were literally gone from the local Target last I checked.

If you can find them, there's now a Spud Lightyear and a Potato Head Woody, but I'm partial the real thing ... albeit the plastic version (the potato juice always left my hands feeling gritty).

He's got just the right amount of panache with that mustache -- even if your toddler puts it where his ear should be.

My only complaint? Mrs. Potato Head's Toy Story 3 version is missing her angry eyes.

Have your kids become potato fans since Toy Story 3 hit theaters?


Image via Hasbro

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