Angelina Shares Her Flaws, Paper Dolls Gone Retro, and Up to Date Apps for Parents

angelina jolieThe week has just begun and already the to-do list over-runneth, Moms:

  • I haven't seen paper dolls since my grandmother used to help me cut them out in long strings, but these retro dollies are an ovary flipper. The time to introduce the toddler to paper crafts? Now. -- LilSugar
  • Once again Angelina makes the rest of the world feel like they just can't compete. La Jolie told the world that her kids "know all my flaws and all my oddities. And they accept them. And so I can feel complete." Note to self: Tell child tomorrow about weird mourning ceremony held last week for my favorite highlighter. It's time she knows her mother is a weirdo. -- Celebrity Baby Scoop
  • I thought I couldn't be any more envious of you ladies with iPhones. Then came this list by the self-proclaimed iPhone Mom of the 50 best apps for parents. Seriously, the Sit or Squat app would be worth its weight in gold when you're traveling this summer. Note to Verizon: Get on this transfer, stat! -- Babble


Image via Chris_Natt/Flickr

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