Ghetto Crayon Colors

#ghettocrayoncolorsWhen I was a little kid, I always wanted that big box of Crayolas with the 64 colors that had fabulous names, but all I ever got was the crummy standard box with the plain old primary colors. I guess it's all my parents could afford. Or maybe they just weren't into the art thing.

My daughter, on the other hand, has the biggest, best box of crayons ever. But it doesn't contain any of these ghetto crayon colors that the twitterverse is atweet with today.


Child support payment invisible @Uncle_Rukus

Eviction notice pink @JDior_

Stripper pole silver @JDior_

grapekool-aid purple @thatchickebbie

Extension Cord Orange @JuV_e

Bootleg DVD Silver @LKing85

Money green, cocaine white, watermelon pink, chicken brown @B___C

Magnum Wrapper Gold @mister__xavier

jail jumpsuit orange @juce_mane

Offensive or fun? Would you buy your kid a box of these?


Image via laffy4k/Flickr

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