Potty Training Diary: Meet the Potty

ducky pottyThe first act of potty training: getting the potty.

So The Stir checked in with Olivia, a mom who just started potty training her almost-2-year-old in anticipation of a little brother's arrival, to share her first experiences on the job for moms who aren't quite there yet. 


Today she offers up her assessment of the new addition to the family bathroom -- and more importantly daughter Kristen's views on this interloper.

Important to note: For the sake of this little girl's future, both names have been changed to protect the mother-daughter relationship.

"The potty seems great," Olivia says of the new Fisher-Price Ducky 3-in-1 Potty (at $24.99, it's about $5 cheaper than the other potty she considered for the job).

Describing it as "sturdy" and "cute without being vomit-inducing" (hey, this is a bathroom), it's been a hit with Mom and baby.

"She likes it, maybe because it is easily identified as a duck; we know ducks say quack quack, etc. I like it because it's a step stool as well, and in case we want to, it comes undone to be a seat on the 'big potty.'"

A quick look-see by The Stir shows the potty is also supposed to quack and "plays different tunes -- a musical reward for your child's potty progress."

But Olivia is waiting on the batteries.

"Forgive me Fisher-Price, but I have not utilized the song or quacking options yet," she confessed. "I guess I'm a potty purist, and I'm not sure if a potty should sing/quack. I'm not saying I WON'T put batteries in, but not yet."

How do you feel about singing potties?


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