The Smarty Pants Dance: Does Your Toddler Do It?

girl dancingWe have a beach towel that's got a colored map of the United States on it and my 2-year-old daughter has been learning the states that way. She can point out and name the states where she lives, and where her grandparents and cousins and many other of our friends live. But that's the extent of our geography lesson.

This toddler not only points out the states, but she does a little "smarty pants dance" afterwards.

So adorable.

Once in a while when my daughter does something she's really proud of, she'll say, "Yay!" or "I did it!" But that's the extent of her self-praise.

What does your toddler do when he's proud of himself? Does he have a smarty pants dance?


Image via Divine in the Daily/Flickr

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