Why Bigfoot Could Take Over Your Kids' Playroom

bigfoot the monster toyEver since Toy Fair back in February, I've been hearing that Bigfoot the Monster was going to be let loose and our kids would never be the same again.

And I got this from adult sites -- get your mind out of the gutter, I meant sites not known for being typically kid-centric or parenting-oriented for that matter (hello Boing Boing).

But since it hit the market late last month, I haven't seen any actual reviews from people who have played with it.


Maybe it's the price -- this retails for just over $100 (just under if it's on sale) -- but there's nothing on Amazon or Toys R Us.

And after watching the videos of a character Bigfoot rather than the toy, we were still pretty lost on what was supposed to make this special.

So we asked Fisher-Price to let us test one. Or, more specifically, I set it in front of my daughter and her babysitter (who is 14) and watched them play.

One tip right off the bat: Do NOT tell your child they can play with something before you've opened the box and determined whether you have to charge a battery. Oops.

Bigfoot uses his opposable thumbs (and meaty claws) to do flips, ambles around with hulking Sasquatch shoulders, and basically amuses by being completely Cro-Magnon -- at the direction of your remote.

He throws a ball, eats leaves, and even burps (yes, that was the favorite part of EVERY age group).

Cryptomundo is disappointed the designers didn't "make a more zoologically attuned creature." They're right; he's not going to win awards for being super-educational. But the last I checked, Bigfoot is imaginary, so attuning your designs to the faux world leaves plenty of room for interpretation.

So the cat is out of the bag -- or Bigfoot is out of the forest -- he's purely for entertainment value.

Will you put him on your toddler's toy list?


Image via Toys R Us

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