Does Your Toddler Have a Weird Lovey? You're Not Alone

will loveyMost toddlers have a lovey they are attached to, maybe a blanket, or a stuffed animal. My daughter is still enamored of a brown stuffed bear she sleeps with every night, named, uncreatively enough, Bear (although sometimes he's a girl named Lily. And he takes karate class). Cute, huh? Well, her little brother, on the other hand, has formed an attachment to a car.

Not just any car, an easy-to-lose Matchbox-sized replica of Lightning McQueen (see it, ever so teensy, in the photo?). There's already been one panicked trip to Target to replace a lost one and several frantic bedtime searches. And as it turns out, we're not alone in scratching our heads at our child's attachment to a less-than-snuggly thing. After seeing the response to a posting on my Facebook feed asking for weird lovey stories, I found myself reassured my kid isn't all that goofy after all.


My friend Theresa's daughter has Favorite Bag, which is one of those French string shopping bags. She likes to stick her fingers and toes through the netting, and it even went to China with them when they traveled there to adopt their son.

One of my daughter's kindergarten classmates slept with a can opener for a few weeks (a fact I've been requested to keep quiet from my daughter). Cars and trucks, especially hard metal full-size ones, seem to be pretty popular with boys. More than one friend had a kid who slept with their big Tonkas for awhile (interestingly, these never seemed to be the long-term lovey choice; guess they wised up that these were not so cuddly). My cousin's son wins the weird award, Boy Division, though. He sleeps with a ukulele.

It's normal for kids to have a comfort object in toddlerhood as their growing independence contrasts with their need for security. Apparently, as it turns out, it's just as normal for their lovey to be something off the beaten track. In my case, I just wish it could be something less likely to get kicked under the couch or dropped in a parking lot.

Does your child have a strange lovey?

Image via Amy Kuras

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