Childproof Your TV, Save Your Toddler's Life

I read somewhere that each parent gets one lucky near-miss with their children. Mine came three years ago. My daughter was quietly watching TV, so I stepped out of the room to take a phone call from my husband. I was about 10 feet away and within earshot the whole time. So when the TV crashed to the ground, I heard it loud and clear.

She suffered not even a scratch, thank God. A family in northern Texas wasn't so lucky this week. Their 2-year-old girl was watching her uncle connect a DVD player to a TV when it toppled over, landing on her head and neck.

Every year more than 14,000 kids are injured by falling furniture, with TVs the most common item involved. More harrowing, 300 kids die annually.


According to a CBS News story from late last year, more and more kids are being hurt by falling TVs even though people are increasingly replacing their heavy old cathode ray tube televisions with lighter flat-screens.

Researchers think it might be because the flat-screen becomes the main TV and the old ones are stuck on top of rickety furniture elsewhere in the house, where kids could get to them without being supervised.

Experts say the easiest thing to do is anchor the TV to the wall and/or to the piece of furniture on which it sits. We opted not to wall-mount our flat-screen (which would be the best way to go) but it's attached firmly to the wall with a little cable that came with it. You should also fasten the furniture to the wall, and opt for a low and sturdy TV stand so it has a shorter distance to fall.

Just as important is to teach your kids not to climb on the furniture or touch the TV. Easier said than done for many toddlers, I know, but the more you can impress on them the importance of staying away from the TV, the better.

Have you toddler-proofed your TV?


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