Safer Hot Dogs Made Simple

hot dog choking preventionChoking is the leading cause of death and injury among children -- especially those under the age of 4 -- and roughly 60 percent of choking incidents that are treated in emergency rooms are caused by food.

One of the foods that poses the biggest choking risk to toddlers: the hot dog. It's so dangerous that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is calling for a redesign.


Since that hasn't happened just yet and we're in the midst of cookout season, one way of making your hot dog a little safer, according to LilSugar, is the Toddler Bites Hotdog Cutter ($5.99).

Of course, the cheaper way to go is to chop your child's hot dog up into little pieces yourself (they should be Cheerio-sized, according to the AAP).

What do you think -- would you buy the Hotdog Cutter?

Image via Toddler Bites

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