Blabla Dolls: The Guy in the Kia Commercial

MR X Bla BlaExcuse me for living under a rock (aka working from home) but I didn't know a Blabla Doll from a Boogaloo until recently.

For those of you who haven't already rolled their eyes, they're the same thing -- Blabla makes the Boogaloo.

You might recognized the Cousin It looking guy at right from the Kia commercial the kids go ga ga for (it also features Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba?).

But I was fully indoctrinated into this craziness courtesy of my daughter's birthday party a few weeks ago.


That's where she got her first (and thus far only) official Blabla Doll, an adorable ballerina elephant doll she named Belle.

Her real name, according to the Blabla site, is Josephine, and she's usually $44 -- although the Boogaloos are only $38 at my local home furnishings/cool kid gear shop, Global Home.

She reminded me of an over-sized sock monkey, er, elephant, and she was so soft and cuddly I debated how long I could hide her in my room before she was carted back out into the teeming pile of stuffed animals that is my daughter's bedroom floor.

The answer: not long. She was promptly rescued (hijacked?) by my daughter for what has become a fast friendship. They're so close Belle allows herself to be used as a pillow ... nightly.

The dolls are 100 percent cotton and made by Peruvian artisans -- hence soft and cuddly enough to be pillow as easily as friend.

And I'm giving myself a pass on not knowing about these things sooner -- Babyccino wrote last week that they're not well known in Europe. So that makes me tres continental, no?

Do your kids go ga ga for Blabla?


Image via Global Home NY

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