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This Party's a Circus!

1The Invitations

These sweet circus-themed letterpress invites are from Meadowlark Creative. They're printed on 100 percent tree-free paper with soy ink, and the envelope is recycled.

Image via Nabisco World

2The Snacks

What could be simpler (and more appropriate) than Barnum's Animals Crackers?

3The Activities

Depending on the ages of the kids, there are so many circus-themed games you can play, but if you set up a photo booth like the one shown here from Kara's Party Ideas (she made it herself) and add some big red noses, kids of all ages can clown around -- and you can give out some fun photos as party favors.

You can also hire a clown (or get a friend to volunteer) and make balloon animals for the kids.

Image via Martha Stewart

4The Cupcakes

If you like to decorate, you can make some cute clown cupcakes like these from Martha Stewart. Otherwise, some Meri Meri Animal Parade cupcake toppers will be just as festive.

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