'Toy Story 3' Tears and the Ugly of Pretty: Links I Love

Toy Story 3No one ever said parenthood was easy, but they also never tell you how hard it really is. From moments to movies that make use cry, motherhood can go from magical to miserable in a split second ... and back again.

Here are some links I love that highlight some of the struggles and dilemmas we face:


Naomi Watts honestly describes parenting two young toddlers as "the hardest thing I've ever done." -- People

Father's Day can be tough for single mothers. In fact, it sucks, says one mother. -- Momlogic

Don't forget your tissues if you see Toy Story 3 with your toddler. While kids love it, it's a serious tear jerker for parents -- Parents Ask

The pain of parting with the baby clothes -- BettyConfdiential.com

Can calling your daughter "pretty" get ugly? -- Hybrid Mom

What's the most tearful part of parenting for you?


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