Fast Food Playdates and Dreams of Summer Camp

fast foodWe like to stir up the conversation here on The Stir, but we can't get to everything. Here's what I've been reading the last few days:

  • Sending your kids out for a playdate is supposed to be a relaxing time for you. So what happens when the other mom promises your kid a treat you're not ready to let them partake in? A mom's McDonald's nightmare comes true. -- LilSugar
  • There's being organized for sanity's sake, and then there's letting it take over your life. Sometimes the life of a mom is one long to-do list. So how do we beat it before it beats us? -- Momversation
  • With my daughter's graduation from pre-school, I'm officially ready (OK forced) to accept she's a big kid -- no longer a toddler. So I was surprised to see some moms are still counting kindergarten as part of the baby years. Can I? -- Mommy Tracked
  • So the graduation is weighing on my mind -- heavily. But Jessica Ashley made me feel a bit better with her take on her own pre-school grad's path to big kid-dom. Pull out the tissues. Now hand them over. -- Yahoo! Shine
  • One good part of venturing past the toddler years: summer camp! That is if you could actually bear to send your kids (somehow I don't see it happening for us). What about you? -- Strollerderby

Image via evelynishere/Flickr

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