Rainy (or Sunny) Day Activity: Homemade Puffy Paint

puffy paint recipeI don't know about you, but I find that I don't just need rainy day indoor activities, I need too-hot-and-sunny-to-play-outside day activities too. So I'm always trying to steal find really good ideas from moms who are way more creative than I am.

And as usual, ohdeedoh has saved the day -- and my toddler from a day of boredom. The blog passed along this recipe for making puffy paint from One Crafty Mumma.


All you need are 3 ingredients (self-raising flour, food coloring, salt) and a few minutes of your time, and your kids will have hours -- or at least a half-hour (please, God?) -- of fun.

For the specific how-tos, to see more pictures, and to get more creative ideas, visit One Crafty Mumma.


Image via One Crafty Mumma

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