Got a Picky Eater? Make a Sandwich Puzzle

sandwich puzzle picky eaterI've used cookie-cutters to make my daughter's sandwiches more fun, but I love this idea from Sweet Paul, which takes that concept a step further: Turn the sandwich into a puzzle.


It's so easy. Use a cookie-cutter to make a shape. Then cut up the leftovers and place them all on a plate. Your child can put it all back together again. Or just eat it all up.

According to Michelle May, MD, a family physician and author of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat, it's okay to let your kids play with their food. "Most kids love to examine, smell, and touch their food," she says. "Since eating is a total sensory experience, they get the most from every morsel. It's a wonderful way to appreciate the aroma, appearance, and flavors without distraction."

Do you encourage your kids play with their food?


Image via Sweet Paul

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