Potty Training Space Saver

potty training hookPotty training made a mess of my teeny-tiny bathroom, but not in the way you'd think.

It was the sheer amount of stuff that had migrated from the diaper changing table (which, I'll be honest, we never really used) into my bathroom.

Now we had a potty.


Plus wipes.

Plus diaper cream.

And of course the Lysol wipes for cleanup, the extra rolls of toilet paper because kids go straight through it, the pile of books we moved in there to read as we "practiced."

All that plus the potty seat for when she decided she wanted to use the "big potty."

I wish we'd had this potty hook when she was training.

I found it while perusing Toys R Us the other day for someone else's child, and it looks like it would have cleared up at least one of our problems -- what to do with that pain in the you-know-what potty seat.

We had a tendency of putting it in the bathtub when it wasn't in use because there was simply no other place to put it.

But this hook hangs off the toilet tank and makes use of some currently unusable space. At $3.99, even if it doesn't work, at least you're not wasting big bucks.

How did you keep the potty training clutter at bay?


Image via Toys R Us

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