'Toy Story 3': The Merchandise

toy story 3 merchandiseToy Story 3 hits movie theatres today and it's expected to be a mega hit. Of course, where there's a mega hit there's mega merchandising. (My personal favorite has always been "SpongeBob SquarePants the Movie the Cereal" -- the title just cracks me up.)

In fact, Disney executives anticipate that the company will make $2.4 billion in Toy Story 3 retail sales this year. That's a pretty impressive amount -- Disney evidently learned a big lesson from its merchandising disaster of the original Toy Story (toys and games weren't available for sale when the movie came out), and Toy Story 2 opened with an array of merchandise. Toy Story 3 has been much of the same.

So what can you get?


Along with the usual assortment of Toy Story 3 toys and pajamas, you can now get your little movie buff some L’Oréal Kids Toy Story 3 Extra Gentle 2-in-1 Shampoos (scents include Buzz's Intergalactic Berry, Woody’s Giddy Up N’Go Mango, Jessie’s Yippin’ Yodelberry, and Rex’s Rip Roarin’ Rapple). You can also visit L’Oréal Kids for a chance to win a family trip to New York City for a toy shopping spree and other prizes.

Oooh, money, money, money.

Wouldn't it be great if Disney donated some of it to the Gulf Oil Spill clean-up? Just saying.

Are you a Toy Story 3 merchandise junkie?

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