For Boys Who Love Trains

train table

My son, JD, who is 2 1/2 years old, loves trains, so it's only fitting a train table is center stage in our living room.

His Kid Kraft Honey Table is sturdy and bright. Two drawers store tracks, trains, and other items -- and rolling casters make it easy for your tot to manage clean-up time to clean-up, clean-up. Best part is ...


The table is compatible with all tracks and trains (we have a mix of Thomas and Imaginarium on our table) and keeps my son busy while I cook dinner.

Here are three other train tables your toddler will like:

Ocean Train Table With Train Set, $159.99,

KidKraft Personalized Town Train Table and Set, $189 (you can have the child's name put on this one -- cool!)

Train table by Melissa and Doug, $119

Do you have a train table in your home? What are your toddlers playing with these days?

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