Birthday Parties: The Second Kid Gets the Shaft

pirate boy
Pirate Boy
I got into an argument with my husband recently because I wanted to have a backyard birthday party for our son in July. He told me it isn't fair to keep throwing him "house" parties while our daughter (who just turned 6) has had "outside" birthday parties every year. 

To be fair ... we didn't live in a house for the first two years of our daughter's life — so we couldn't have a house party for her. Our place simply wasn't big enough for 20 kids! So she had parties at the gymnastics place, at the Y, and at indoor play areas.

I just didn't see what the big deal was, especially because I make a kick-ass "house" party. Besides, isn't a party all about the gifts having fun with your friends, no matter where it is?


This year, for my son's 4th birthday, I was going to get all of the kids pirate gear, do a treasure hunt, and maybe rent one of those bouncy things. My brother was going to dress up like a pirate and take pictures with all of the kids — but no — my husband was really putting up a fight with this one. He said our son will grow up and look back on pictures and wonder why he always had house parties while his big sister always had it at some fun place. He said my efforts wouldn't be recognized ... all our son would see is that he got shafted out of a "cooler" party.

I was doing a fabulous job at ignoring my husband and still forging ahead, until one night when we had some friends over for a BBQ. He brought it up with them — and they ALL agreed with him! Blasphemous. So, against my will I went ahead and booked our son a pirate party at an indoor play area, and somehow got my brother to agree to still dress up like a pirate (he is a great uncle!).

Next year my daughter is having a house party — that she is going to LOVE!

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