SpongeBob Saves and Jon Gosselin Goes to a Carnival: Links I Love

Flickr photo by fati dream cakes
Television often gets a bad rap, but it's not all bad. Kids definitely learn things from it -- good and bad.

Even though I detest SpongeBob Square Pants, at least some good has come out of his strangeness. A 5-year-old was rescued by an older child who had learned his technique from SpongeBob.  (My son still isn't watching SpongeBob though). -- Momlogic.com


How much do you know about Sesame Street, really? Check out this quiz and see if you're as savvy as you think ... or more so? -- Lilsugar

Why is Jon Gosselin is hanging out at a kids' carnival ... by himself?  -- Babble

And when it's time to unplug from it all, here are some great new eco-friendly toys to check out. -- Parentdish

Did you see any great toddler links this week?



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