My Little Yoga Master

born yogi toddler yoga
Photo from Born Yogis
I have been trying to no avail to find a toddler yoga class for my daughter. But that's okay because she started her own.


Her older cousin, a 6-year-old yoga aficionado (who unfortunately lives across the country), gave my daughter the book Born Yogis when she was just an infant. It's been sitting on her bookshelf and we've looked at the photos in it a few times over the past two years.

Each photo is of a child doing a yoga pose, with the name of the pose, and a passage from a yoga text.

The other day, I looked up to find my daughter in the living room doing yoga. She had Born Yogis on the floor and she'd copy the pose she saw in the photo and then turn the page and do the next pose. She did every pose in the book from start to finish. She laughed and said, "Look, mama, look!" as she did each one.

And lucky me: It's one of the few times I actually had our video camera at the ready.

I guess the title of the book is right on -- kids were born to do yoga. They can even teach themselves.

Does your toddler do yoga?

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