Potty Training: Does Elimination Communication Count?

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Flickr photo by futurestreet
The average potty training parent has a toddler on their hands, but there's that group of parents known as the elimination communication followers -- (EC) for short.

They say they're training their children to use the potty as babies -- basically a process that requires running the (non-walking) child to the potty when it's time to go.


Sometimes called Diaper Free Baby, Natural Infant Hygiene, and Infant Potty Training, it's a process that's got a small but ardent following.

I've got to be clear here -- there are two trains of thought on this.

There are the folks who say the child has been "trained" to go to the bathroom once held over a toilet.

Then there are the folks who say the parents are just spending their lives rushing their babies to the toilet.

Either way, the parent is playing a role. And the whole goal for me while potty training was to finally have a separation between me and my child's rear end.

But when a survey here on CafeMom revealed 3 percent of the respondents said their child was potty trained at under 12 months (when most kids can't even WALK), the argument just went one step forward.

Even if a child is trained to hold it as a baby, even if they're trained to go on a potty, does it count if they can't get there themselves?

I'm not going to challenge whether elimination communication works -- we didn't go that route. I don't have any experience with it. 

But can you count that child as "trained" when they're still missing half of the process?

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