Another Smoking Baby That Drinks Beer Too

Smoking Drinking Toddler
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First we met the smoking baby, then there was the outrage over the beer-drinking toddler. Now, sadly, there's a 3-year-old who does both.

The Chinese girl, Ya Wen, smokes a pack of cigarettes and swills three beers a day.


"Three glasses of beer is no problem to her," her mother says.

She apparently picked up the habits to cope in the aftermath of an accident in which she was struck by a van and sustained a serious head injury. Her family, who lives in a shelter and collects trash for a living, says her personality changed drastically after the accident.

After stealing her father's stash, a store struck a deal with her and now gives the cigarettes and beer to her on credit! How or when they think she's going to pay up is a mystery.

Such a tragic tale in so many ways, and you have to wonder how many other children out there are allowed to smoke and drink as well.

What do you think about this smoking, drinking toddler?

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