Birthday Party Activity: Decorate Your Own Cupcake

kids cupcake decorating kit
If your cake decorating skills aren't everything you'd like them to be, consider having your child's birthday party guests decorate their cupcakes themselves.

It's the perfect party activity.


Put out bowls of frosting (several different colors if you want) and little plastic spreaders with an assortment of other fun cake toppers -- sprinkles, gumdrops, crushed up cookies, or other candies.

Not only will it save you some time and some pride (if you're inviting the supermom crowd), the kids will absolutely love it. It's a great party activity that will keep the guests entertained -- and fed.

You can also up the fun factor and make the kids feel like pros by setting out this Kuhn Rikon decorating kit -- they'll love squeezing the frosting from the different tubes.

If you'd rather decorate your child's cake or cupcakes yourself (or have a bakery do it), you can still use the decorating kit -- or just the idea -- and have party guests decorate cookies instead. Tie the cookies into the birthday party theme (make truck-shaped cookies, dinosaur-shaped cookies, ballet slippers, sailboats, etc.).

Have you ever had a party where the kiddie guests decorated their own cupcakes or cookies? How did you set up the activity?


Image via Sur la Table

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