Color Your Summer Vacation

Disney Fairies 3-D Chalk
Photo from Toys R Us
Chalk drawing is a perfect way to keep my child out of my hair for hours at a time.

If it wasn't raining away her latest handiwork, she'd be out there right now covering the driveway in suns, trees, and enormous stick figures.

And thanks to a new set from Crayola's summer line: Tinker Bell.


Crayola let us test out one of their new 3-D activity kits ($14.99) -- a line that includes sea creatures, zoo animals, and some of their favorite characters.

Tinker Bell is my daughter's hero, and when combined with her chalk obsession, the fairy stencils were a hit.

The 3-D glasses technically work with any chalk it seems, so buying more than one set just for the "special chalk" seems a bit silly.

If anything, I'd go for the non-3-D chalk that you can make yourself! Chalk maker kits ($12.99) that come with molds and chalk "powder" to mix with water take the experience from art to crafts with a bit of science thrown in.

Still, I love that the variety of stencils helps kids go beyond stick figures and "draw around me Mommy!"

And did I mention it keeps her engaged for hours? We have officially banned "I'm bored" from the summer vacation vocabulary.

Do your kids love chalk drawings?

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