Toddler Meals: 5 Ideas for Summer

  • Bento Box


    Photo from Wendolonia

    Wendolonia is one of those moms that make us all look bad. She makes amazingly creative lunches for her kids every day, and takes photos of them.

    I thought some of her Bento Box ideas would be the perfect thing to make for for a nice summer evening picnic or backyard camping.

    The Bento shown here contains garlic naan ketchup sandwiches cut into star shapes, whole wheat pretzel sticks, strawberries, peaches with sprinkles, grape tomatoes, a hard boiled egg pressed into a car shape with an egg mold (Wendolonia blacked out the windows and tires with a food marker) and leftover chicken chunks.

    For more amazing ideas, visit Wendolonia.

  • BLTJ's for Lunch or Dinner


    Photo from Foodie Tots

    How about a modern take on an old favorite? Foodie Tots made this yummy "BLT" sandwich for her son using bacon, arugula (instead of lettuce), and tomato jam (in place of tomatoes). 

    You can get the tomato jam recipe and all kinds of other meal ideas at Foodie Tots.

  • Potatoes on the Grill


    Photo from Kid Appeal

    Red potatoes, herbs, and olive oil are all you need for this easy-to-make side dish. You can smear them with goat cheese when serving if your toddler likes it -- mine does.

    A tip from Kid Appeal: If your kids pick herbs out of everything, "chop them small. Instead of large basil leaves torn in pasta salad, puree them into a sauce/vinaigrette. Once they get used to the taste, start using larger pieces. Have them help wash and pick leaves off stems. They're more likely to eat it if they helped prepare it. Finally, give it time. Time cures most food aversions. You keep serving them, and eventually kids will eat them."

    Visit Food With Kid Appeal for the Grilled Herbed Potato recipe.

  • Baby Back Ribs


    Photo from The Naptime Chef

    What could be better than a messy food your kid is allowed to eat with his fingers? I love ribs and I never realized how easy they are to make. According to the Naptime Chef, the marinade takes only 15 minutes, and then you let the ribs sit it in the fridge until it's time to cook them.

    Visit the Naptime Chef for her recipe for Uncle Will's Baby Back Ribs.

  • Chicken Sun-Dried Tomato Mini Burgers


    Photo from Weelicious

    If you haven't discovered it yet, Weelicious is the blog to check out whenever you want to make something delicious for your kids -- like these perfect-for-little-hands mini burgers.

    You can get mini buns at Trader Joe's -- who knew? My daughter is going to be so excited to be able to hold a "whole burger" in her hands.

    You'll find the recipe for Chicken Sun-Dried Tomato Burgers at Weelicious.

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