Whole Milk vs. Skim: What Does a Toddler Good?

milk and sandwich
Flickr photo by LateFins
When my son turned 2, his pediatrician told me to switch him from whole milk to 2 percent. She said he doesn't need "all that fat." Well, doc, my son is tall and lean -- in the 75th percentile for height and a hair under the 50th percentile for weight. He's approaching 3 and still drinking whole milk.

According to Swedish research, it's a good thing, too. So, MOO-over 2 percent.


With childhood obesity on the rise, parents and school administration might think serving skim or low-fat milk to children is appropriate, but according to research, children who drink full-fat milk every day have a lower BMI than children who often throw back low-fat milk.

The scientists also discovered a difference between overweight children who drink full-fat milk every day and those who do not. Children who often drink milk with a fat content of 3 percent are less overweight. The thesis shows also that the children eat more saturated fat than recommended, but those children who have a high intake of fat have a lower BMI than the children with a lower intake of fat.

What kind of milk do your kiddos drink?

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