Beach Socks to Protect Little Feet

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My 2 1/2-year-old son, JD, loves the beach. Like most toddlers, he doesn't love grainy sand between his toes -- or HOT sand for that matter. Cold ocean water rushing his piggies is also cause for a big 'ole cry!

Flip-flops and sandals just don't cut it, but since my son loves his beach days, I had to find a solution. Enter Sun Smarties Surf Socks. They are cute and cool!


Soft and water-friendly, they even have an SPF of 50 to keep feet and toes safe from harmful UV rays. The nylon/spandex upper comfortably hugs the ankle while non-skid soles keep your toddler safe on the pool deck.

Available in size XS to LG and come in brown, blue, pink and purple with black ankle and toe. $5.95,

Do your toddlers wear shoes on the beach? What kind do they like?

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