Celebrity Toddlers Are Having an Embarrassing Week

suri tom cruise
Photo by Splash News
There's no doubt that celebrity toddlers have it good. Suri Cruise just got an iPad and Max Bratman's mom Christina Aguilera sings him to sleep. But sometimes these little kids probably just wish they could deny any relation to their well-known moms and dads or never show their face in public again.

Parents are embarrassing enough -- but celebrity parents tend to humiliate you in front of the entire world. Here are some of the crazy things these poor toddlers had to put up with already this week:

  • Suri Cruise, 4: Dad Tom Cruise donned his Les Grossman fat suit and got down and dirty with J.Lo at the MTV Movie Awards. -- The Stir
  • Max Liron Bratman, 2: Speaking of down and dirty, mom Christina Aguilera basically sported a heart-shaped vagina night-light at the same awards show. -- Celebuzz
  • Francesca Nora Bateman, 3: Her dad Jason Bateman made out with fellow actor Dustin Hoffman on the Kiss Cam during last week's Lakers-Celtics game in LA. -- TMZ
  • Bob and Max Sheen, 15 months: The twins' dad Charlie Sheen just ran into a little snafu on the plea deal that would have given him a short jail sentence for charges stemming from when he threatened their mom, Brooke Mueller (an alleged drug addict), with a knife. But at least it will keep Charlie out of jail until the next hearing.

Which celebrity toddler do you think has the most embarrassing parent this week?

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