Annoying Doodads and Thingamajigs = Recycled Fun

found toy piecesMy daughter is a hoarder. And a collector. And a loser of said hoardings and collectibles. She likes to put things in bags: a piece of a puzzle, a crayon, a piece of junk mail, some yarn, a few blocks. Any bag will do.

That's why I love this idea from eveylnishere for what to do with all those annoying little objects you find around the house -- and so desperately want to throw away.

  • Don't throw little things away (unless they're broken or dangerous, of course).
  • Find a container with a lid and begin to fill it. Anything goes, but use caution and make it age-appropriate -- you know what your little ones should and shouldn't play with. The more random the items, the longer your kids will be entertained.
  • Get an old sheet and keep it with the box.
  • Lay out the sheet anywhere, pour out the contents of the box, and sit back and watch kids of all ages (even big kids) spend hours looking through it.

Tip: Have toddlers sort objects by color, shape, type, texture -- it's a great teaching tool.

Do you throw away annoying doodads and thingamajigs, or do you save them for something fun or crafty?

Image via evelynishere/Flickr

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