Make Them Sleep Their Way to a Scholarship

sleep smarts
Flickr photo by lovelypetal
It's not what your toddler does all day that's going to matter come kindergarten. It's what he's doing at night.

According to a new study, 4-year-olds who are getting less than 11 hours of sleep at night perform worse -- on average -- than their peers in school.

Their smarts are being sucked out by sleeplessness.


Earlier bedtimes for toddlers, the researchers at SRI International, an independent research institute in California, say, are markers of better school successes.

OK, is anyone surprised here?

They keep telling us sleep is important for kids -- to keep 'em thin, to make them smarter.

But sometimes I feel like it's just another thing to make us nutty. 

Sleep is one of the toughest things for us as parents to get them to do. Now that my daughter is in school, she has a bedtime, but getting her to actually snooze is a whole different story. We've had to just settle for her being in her room, in her bed.

Which is pretty much where I was as a kid, albeit reading until the wee hours (hence the fabulous vocabulary that made way for a job writing for you folks!).

And considering she just wakes up earlier in the morning if she goes to bed earlier, I'm hard-pressed to get 11 hours out of her.

Do your kids thwart your plans to get them to sleep?

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