6 Unexpected Summer Party Hazards for the Kids

Photo by Jeanne Sager
Summer party season is in full swing, and there's a temptation to let your kids run wild.

It's a party; it's time to relax.

After all, in a backyard teeming with adults, there are plenty of eyes on them, right?


The backyard barbecue is full of unexpected safety hazards for your tots:


1. The Grill. While the chef is plating burgers and hot dogs, he or she is not watching out for little hands. Leave the black marks for the steaks.

2. Open Containers. Animated adults often place their beers on the ground to talk with their hands, and they're easy pickings for your kids. Worry not just about them drinking the dregs but cutting their fingers on the aluminum opening.

3. The Neighborhood. Unless the yard is fenced, the access to other yards may pose the greatest threat to kids. From pools to the road, a small child in unfamiliar conditions doesn't have the same sense to steer clear of dangers that they do at home.

4. The Food. Choking hazards abound at backyard barbecues, but parents also need to keep an eye on just how much junk their kids are eating. It may not be a matter of life and death, but it could be the difference between a night cuddled up in bed or a night throwing up in the bathroom.

5. The Fan. Unable to air condition the great outdoors, a lot of folks set up fans outdoors to give their guests relief from the heat. Unfortunately they're no friend to little fingers.

6. The Knife. There always seems to be a sharp knife floating around at these things -- whether it was used to cut the cake, slice open the hot dog package, or divvy up the desserts. If you're at a party with folks who don't have kids or haven't had little ones in years, they might not remember to place it out of the way. Also be aware of the cheese slicer.

What are your biggest fears at the backyard barbecue?

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