Father's Day Craft: Word Cloud Silhouettes

Photo from Wordle
I love silhouettes of kids, but as a photographer, I've never gotten around to actually making one.

Until I found this Father's Day gift idea over at 4 Crazy Kings.

Using a photo of her daughter's profile taken in front of a light background, she amped up the contrast in Photoshop, then traced over the photo using her window as a light-table.

Then -- and here's the cool part -- she placed that white silhouette dead center in one of her daughter's paintings and framed it.

But I wanted to make it my own. Here's what I came up with:


Using 4 Crazy Kings' instructions to create the silhouette on a piece of contact paper, I then went to Wordle.net with my daughter and asked her to give me a handful of words that remind her of her Daddy.

Photo from 4 Crazy Kings
Plugged into the site, you can create word clouds in different colors, different scales, and different shapes (this is one of our discards above).

Picking up a cheap frame with space for two pictures like this one at KMart, I printed the Wordle on heavy card stock and will get her help in framing the silhouette on one side, her words on the other.

I am debating letting her paint the mat as part of her addition to the process as well.

It's something a little different from the usual framed photo for dad.

Will you be giving dad a piece of art this holiday?

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