Dirty Diaper Solution (Or Just Plain Wacko)?

dirty diapers
Flickr photo by IngaMun
Okay, so I don't have a real solution for you, but how weird is this:

A Wisconsin man accused of trying to steal dirty diapers from a home has been sentenced to 30 months of probation.

Who the heck would want to steal dirty diapers?


Dillon Makuski, that's who.

Makuski, 20, was detained by a homeowner after breaking in last fall. Police found six dirty diapers in his pockets.

Um, gross.

The complaint said Makuski entered the house because he "likes to wear diapers" and thought he might find some there.

Okay, so he doesn't just like to wear diapers -- he likes to wear dirty ones. Um, gross.

When asked whether he intended to steal dirty diapers, Makuski said "yes."

He was sentenced yesterday to 30 months of probation and 200 hours of community service. He has also been ordered to undergo a psycho-sexual exam.

Can you imagine if he got time in prison?

What are you in for? Murder.

How 'bout you? Stealing dirty diapers.

And just think, if Makuski thought more like an entrepreneur and less like a criminal, he could have had himself one heck of a business and been, uh, rolling in it.

Still, I say we all make this guy's day and ship him our dirty diapers.

You in?

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