Toddler Read: Laugh and Learn!

Please Take Me For A Walk
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I read between three and six books to my 2 1/2-year-old son, JD, every night before he goes to sleep. His latest fave is Please Take Me for a Walk, by Susan Gal, $10.87,

Available tomorrow, June 3, I know your toddler will love this fun and delightfully simple read too!


This bright, spirited book stars a super-duper persuasive doggy pleading with his best friend -- that's you, the reader -- to take him out for a walk.

JD loves pointing out and naming animals, objects, colors, and places as the peppy pup recounts all of his fave things to do such as: chasing squirrels in the yard, greeting neighbors on their block, visiting the shopkeepers downtown, and swinging by the schoolyard. The last pages feature a colorful splash of green grass dotted with all kinds of purebreds and mutts. JD happily counts them up and declares their color -- his fave, the "pink chiwawa."

This book is like going on a neighborhood adventure with your child from the comfort of his cozy bed.

What book is your toddler currently obsessed with?

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