Playground Danger: Hot Slide Gives Toddler Second-Degree Burns

deserted playground
Flick photo by laffy4k
An 18-month-old girl in Iowa got second-degree burns from doing something many children do every day -- sliding down a slide at her local park.

"I ran over there and she was on there for less than a minute and I went over and by the time I got over to her, she actually lost it and went down and that's how she got the burn on her stomach," a day-care provider who helped the girl told KCCI Des Moines.


The images in this video are graphic, showing the resulting golf-ball-sized blisters on her little hands and legs. Though doctors say she'll be OK, she will have some scarring.

It's shocking that something meant to be fun could do such damage. Even more surprising is that the slide wasn't even metal, it was plastic. The reporter in the video registered the slide's temperature at a scorching 163 degrees.

An important reminder as the sun heats up this summer -- always check any park equipment before your child gets on it!

Do you always check playground equipment to make sure it's safe for your child?

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