Sleeping Apart: When Did Your Family Start?

sleeping child
Flickr photo by alamosbasement
My friend isn't dreading the August arrival of her newborn son because she's crazy enough to want to continue pregnancy in the heat of summer.

She's nervous about spending the first night sleeping apart from her daughter.

Set to be 2 in September, her daughter has slept at a host of houses, but my friend has always been there -- at most a room away.

It's had me trying to remember when my daughter first slept away from us.


It was March, I remembered that, and we went to a James Hunter concert. Thank heavens for the Internet -- because my addled mother brain couldn't remember much more than that.

Fortunately Hunter's site revealed his first album was released in March 2006, which would have put our daughter at 9 months old.

It sounds awfully young, but she was staying with my parents, who managed to raise not just me but my brother as well without completely screwing us up. We were nervous, but if you have to leave your baby for a night, you could do a lot worse than a nurse practitioner who spent years working in pediatrics and a set of parents of two.

She was sleeping through the night by then -- one of the big markers for leaving your kids with someone else for a night. And she wasn't nearly as fazed by the whole thing as we were.

We were shocked the next morning to wake up at 10 a.m., leaping out of bed when we realized our little alarm clock hadn't woken us up, and we were now officially halfway through the morning.

How old was your tot the first time you left them for an overnight?

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