Cutoff Age Limit for Family Naked Time: 5?

The other day I was reading the "Ask Amy" advice column in our local paper — because, apparently, I am 87 years old — and came across a nugget of wisdom from Amy that stated children should stop bathing with their parents at the age of 5. This may have been facetious, because if I remember correctly, her answer also included the suggestion that children shouldn't ever see their parents naked if the parents were over 40, for fear of scarring the kids for life (HA HA GET IT EVERYONE OVER 40 IS GROSS), but it got me thinking: How old is too old when it comes to bathing with your kids?

We have a large soaking tub and we used to always get in it as a family on bath nights. Now that our kids are bigger (4.5 and 2), there isn't enough room for all four of us, but one of us still gets in there with the boys when they take a bath. Sometimes it's my husband, sometimes it's me. It's obnoxious and splashy and makes a giant watery mess, but it's totally fun. Plus, it saves time because everyone gets clean at once, and it means I don't have to hover nearby making sure the toddler doesn't slip under the bubbles. Once in a great while there's a brief body discussion as a result ("Mom, how comes YOU don't have a penis?"), but for the most part, the fact that we're all naked is a non-issue. 

It's never occurred to me that my older boy, who will be 5 in August, might be getting too big for family baths. I just figured it would be obvious to us when it was time for him to have his privacy, but I guess I wasn't considering whether or not there was an age limit for Family Nakedness. 

What do you think? Do you think it seems weird to share a bath with your kid past the toddler stage? Is there a one-size-fits-all age cutoff for utilitarian nudism in the household?

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