Kill Your Kid With Kindness Says New Study

Kids Kissing Mommy
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Rearing a toddler as a single mom can sometimes make me feel like I'm going to explode -- but I never do. Yelling at a 2 1/2-year-old or saying something sarcastic doesn't help matters. So, I count to 10 in moments of madness (crayon coloring on the windowsill, say), then I kill my kid with kindness, telling him it's wrong -- then cleaning up together.

He responds well and it's no surprise, says this April 2010 study via Queen's University, Ontario.


Researchers found that children endeavour to repay generous behavior but are less responsive when dealing with uncaring adults. More so, the psychologists discovered that children, who are generally helpful, distributed most of their goodwill to those who they perceived as trying to help them.

What does this mean for you? Don't throw your hands up in disgust when your kid throws his peas on the floor. Explain in a calm voice that food belongs on the plate, not the floor, then offer to help your child pick up the mess. Same goes for potty training. If your tot accidentally poops in his undies (and he will!), don't freak out. Remain even-faced, tell him poop goes in the toilet, then say something like: Want me to help clean you up?

Kindness goes a long way!

Please share some of your kill 'em with kindness anecdotes.

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