How Monster Spray Saved My Sanity

monsters under the bed
Flickr photo by jnm_photo
My daughter doesn't want to go to bed alone anymore.

Or more specifically, she doesn't want to be upstairs when my husband and I are downstairs. Considering the top floor of our house consists of two bedrooms and a half attic, that means bedtime for her was becoming bedtime for us.

Whether we had work to do or not.

Whether we had showered or not.

Whether we wanted to go to bed or not.

It just wasn't worth the fight. Until I stumbled on a magic elixir.


Monster spray. 

Aka my old bottle of pillow mist from Bath and Body Works that my husband never liked.

After a solid two weeks of not being able to accomplish anything after 9 p.m. (and for the record, not much before that either -- considering she was wide awake), I finally decided it was time to bring out the big guns.

The problem, she informed me, was fear. Fear of what, I couldn't determine exactly, but this is something that's set in only since she turned 4.

And unlike the fears of say the wolves in the Beauty and the Beast movie or the bee buzzing around her swing set, there's been little we could do about nighttime fears but assure her that there was nothing to be afraid of, leave the light on, and allow her to leave her door open so she could see our room.

But I haven't gone to bed at 9 p.m. since I was her age, and I'm not going to allow her to stay up with me when I can tell she's exhausted.

The monster spray seems to have done the trick -- and using the stuff made for real pillows adds a little bonus to the success rate.

It's lavender-scented, which is soothing her to sleep ... and thanks to a little magic, it keeps any of the monsters, haunts, and other things that have suddenly started scaring her at night away for good.

And that means I can go downstairs after the bedtime routine to watch Glee, run with the Wii, or write one of these here blog posts for you folks.

Have you ever used monster spray to get the kids to sleep?

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