Wonder Wagon by Kaiku

zen wagon
Photo from kaikudesign.com
If I have a wagon fantasy, it's this one: The Zen Super Wagon by Kaiku.

I love the look of it, the thought of myself pulling my children in it and the fact that it's ergonomically designed. Plus, it just looks cool.

Nothing against the good old little red wagons, but this just screams cool mom.


Made of Baltic birch (with no toxic finishes) and equipped with natural rubber, air-filled tires, it's a serious machine.

Unfortunately, the price is also very serious: $319.

While I like the option of a wagon over a stroller, and my daugther likes the less-restrictive ride, there are only so many places I can actually take one. If I lived within walking distance of a market, library or the like, then I might seriously consider making the investment. But, unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for my budget), I don't. 

So for me at least, it will have to just remain a fantasy.

What do you think of the Zen Super Wagon?

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