Hopper Balls: 4 Toys You'll Want for You

retro space hopperI have met toy destiny.

It's an inflatable ball with handles that will allow an adult to make a complete ass of oneself while bouncing around the backyard.

So technically hopper balls are for the toddlers.

But honey, two glasses of wine, and I can bounce with the best of them.

I want my own! Or at least one for my daughter that we can both use. Hence I've begun the search for the world's best hopper ball.



betsy bug hopperCharm Company's Hopper Balls. The standard rubber ball comes with a fun slipcover of their favorite critter. From elephants to monkeys, or the "Betsy Bug" above, they run around $30, but the cover can be removed for washing.

gymnic hopper ballsGymnic Hopper Balls. In different sizes, this line grows with your kids and gives YOU a ball that fits your behind too. Bonus points for a latex-free material, they run around $26.

yo gabba gabbaYo Gabba Gabba Hop and Play. Brobee is everyone's favorite (just ask Biz Markie), and they can dancey dance all around the house with their trusty friend.

The Stir was sent a Giant Retro Space Hopper from UK's Science Museum (top photo), brought to the US by Wild Creations to check out, and it's a hit. The horns that serve as handles give off a kooky vibe, and the face is like a goat -- perfect for your little Capricorn.


Image via Wild Creations; Wal-Mart; Sports Kids; Wal-Mart

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