Who Loves Owls for Toddler Fashions? 4 Reasons We Do

Flickr photo by merec0
Owls used to freak me out -- turning your head 270 degrees is bordering on Linda Blair-ish.

But if Winnie the Pooh is pals with an Owl, they can't be all bad, right?

Maybe even adorable on toddler clothes?


Petit Couture
Photo from Petit Couture
Take this sweet tank dress from Petit Couture ($36). The sparkly bird is child-appropriate bling, the dress just the right weight for summer.








wise old owl
Photo from Planet Pudge
A patchwork owl from one of my favorite Etsy shops, Planet Pudge, this tee ($24) is an explosion of color that says, "Whooo's having fun?"







o is for owl
Photo from Marie's Make Believe
Another Etsy pick, this O is for Owl tee ($15) from Marie's Make Believe solves the problem of tracking down kid-friendly O words (try making your 2-year-old say occupational five times fast ... doesn't work, does it?).








Skip Hop owl
Photo from Oompa Toys
Someone must be listening to my hooting and hollering about owls -- it looks like Skip Hop has just added an owl ($12.99) to its bag line.







Are you an owl fan?

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